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Multi-talented artist, producer, singer, songwriter Christopher Jaiden is on the cutting edge of an American music revolution.

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Chris now resides in Hollywood, California. A blend of East meets West Coast styles, his musical talents range from his roots of rock and roll to hip-hop hooks and rhymes, his keen and perfected engineering and production skills, as well as his amazing songwriting abilities.

A great performer organically, Chris Jaiden brings back a refreshing feeling of old school to new school kinetic energy to all of his music. His projects include his bands Reflektiv and Surface, his work with Bay Area Hip Hop artist, Sean Blak, his electronic solo project called The Flu, to his productions and engineering on his own tracks as well as other strong local emerging artists.
With a grass-roots beginning of playing live acoustic shows and open-mics, Chris brings a unique and seasoned youthful understanding of what it takes to truly make it in the music industry. His style and lyrics are intense, like him, offering a connection of mind and soul to audiences everywhere. “I feel like when I perform, I encapsulate an audience with a flow

of positive energy and driving, soulful rhythm,” says Chris with a smile. Chris’s at times unearthly, strong soulful vocals reach within the spirit of his audience to take the listener on a journey through timeless, modern classics in the making.

Chris symbiotically infuses his entrepreneurial spirit into his company, Jaiden Enterprises which focuses primarily on his projects as well as other artists. His background of business and marketing from his education at Penn State University, allowed Chris to quickly implode the Hollywood music and entertainment scenes with his ability to connect with not only his audience, but his peers and business partners as well.

Chris’s music brings global consciousness and hope to all of his audiences through his lyrics and vocal deliverance. His musical genius combined with his life experience is what fuels the fire behind the soul of this artist and star, eternally on fire, spreading and shining his light through his musical contributions to our culture.

Chris Jaiden is here to make his mark on musical history in the modern age of presence and gratitude…



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